Burke Distributing will be transitioning to a new online payment portal during the month of April (2021).

We are excited to announce a new partnership for an online portal with the Financial Transmission Network, Inc (FTNI).

After listening to customer feedback, and an extensive search we feel that our new partnership with FTNI will better serve your needs.

Some of the areas of improvement include:

1. Recording payment information in a more timely and transparent manner.

2. Allow the setup of multiple accounts under one login.

a. If you have a “Bill-To” account set up with Burke distributing, please sign into FTNI using any one of your account numbers, once you have done this, you should have access to all the accounts that are part of your Billing group.   If you don’t see all of your accounts available to you, please reach out to your sales rep or your accounts receivable rep to have a "Bill -To" grouping created or corrected.

3. Accept credit cards (with a current fee of 3%)

Our current payment platform will remain available to you until April 29th. If you are continuing to use the old payment portal, please do not schedule any payments after April 30th as we will no longer be processing payments from this portal after this date.

Our new payment portal is available now. Click on the green box below to access it.

Please note: Due to the sensative nature of your account information, we were not able to transfer your account information to FTNI. You will need to set up a new account with FTNI.

Current (old) Portal • Only available until April 29

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